What advice would you give to other actors on working with bears? Make sure there’s country and western music playing. And don’t cuddle it. Our bear was called Bart and he was a real diva. When he stepped out of his trailer, you had to give him a round of applause. None of the rest of the cast is so demanding. - Gwendoline Christie

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Cersei could have given the prince the sons he wanted, lions with purple eyes and silver manes … and with such a wife, Rhaegar might never have looked twice at Lyanna Stark. 

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Tyrion appreciation week » Day 3: Tyrion + colours

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"chaos isn’t a pit. chaos is a ladder."
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game of thrones:  o c k i n g b i r d  (4x07)

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Tyrion Appreciation Week: Day 1 - Favourite Season (Season 2)