Pedro Pascal at San Diego Comic Con 2014 (x)

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Get to know me meme: [2/5] favorite female characters » Margaery Tyrell 

Margaery was different, though. Sweet and gentle, yet there was a little of her grandmother in her, too.


arya appreciation week

Day 4: favorite trait  She had Ned’s long face, and brown hair that always looked as though a bird had been nesting in it. I despaired of ever making a lady of her. She collected scabs as other girls collected dolls, and would say anything that came into her head.

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Game of Thrones meme - Seven quotes- [3/7]

"When the snows fall a hundred feet deep and the ice wind comes howling out of the north. Fear is for the long night, when the sun hides its face for years at a time, and little children are born and live and die all in darkness while the direwolves grow gaunt and hungry, and the white walkers move through the woods.

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Sophie Turner photographed by Sylvain Homo for Vanidad Magazine, April 2014

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get to know me meme: 1/5 current celebrity crushes » sophie turner

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Sophie Turner Talks ‘GoT,’ Sansa Stark, Petyr Baelish and More. (x)

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"Lady Stark, you may survive us yet.". [x]

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You have taken other names, but you wore them as lightly as you might wear a gown. Under them was always Arya.

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