I saw you die tonight. I saw your body burn. I saw the snow fall and bury your bones.

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jojen appreciation week: day 1 - favourite quote(s)
"You’re a greenseer." "No," said Jojen, "only a boy who dreams. The greenseers were more than that. They were wargs as well, as you are, and the greatest of them could wear the skins of any beast that flies or swims or crawls, and could look through the eyes of the weirwoods as well, and see the truth that lies beneath the world. The gods give many gifts, Bran. My sister is a hunter. It is given to her to run swiftly, and stand so still she seems to vanish. She has sharp ears, keen eyes, a steady hand with net and spear. She can breathe mud and fly through trees. I could not do these things, no more than you could. To me the gods gave the green dreams, and to you… you could be more than me, Bran. You are the winged wolf, and there is no saying how far and high you might fly… if you had someone to teach you. How can I help you master a gift I do not understand? We remember the First Men in the Neck, and the children of the forest who were their friends… but so much is forgotten, and so much we never knew."
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Game of Thrones » Winter Is Coming (1.01)
The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.

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Sansa Stark Meme

     ↳ Seven Items: Wine Goblets [ 6/7 ]

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Game of Thrones + Season 4

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Gif meme » anonymous asked: Got ladies + 12 (tickles my pickle)

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sansa of house  s  t  a  r  k.  the blood of  w  i  n  t  e  r  f  e l  l

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